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Thrive House of Prayer

Thrive House of Prayer
(Isaiah 56:7; Mark 11:17)

Thrive HOP is the official and essential prayer ministry team of Thrive Church. We exist to engage in dedicated, Holy Spirit filled, continual, and strategic prayer, spiritual warfare, and exhortation for the church leadership and its members, the local church (in general), the international church community, the universal Corporate Body of Christ, and the lost.


This ministry is integral to the overall, holistic success of Thrive Church. Servant-leaders in this ministry believe sincerely and unequivocally that the Church of Jesus Christ and God’s Kingdom on earth can only thrive through prayer, fasting, and anointed intercession.

Thrive Kingdom MEN
(Matthew 4:4; Titus 2)

Thrive Kingdom Men is a Bible-based, Christian men’s ministry that assists men on their purpose-driven journey towards maximizing their potential and promise. We believe that mentoring and empowering men to thrive on purpose will only help to build stronger marriages, families, communities, neighborhoods, and ultimately nations.


Because developing into manhood can be a complex process and lengthy journey,  our Thrive Kingdom Men ministry is committed to coming alongside men of all ages and cultures during their respective purpose-driven life journeys to provide holistic and relational support, encouragement, counsel, coaching, and friendship. We want to help men strive and eventually thrive with excellence while on their challenging and exciting journeys as Kingdom men.  

Thrive Kingdom MEN
Thrive Women’s Ministry
Women's Fellowship (2).jpeg

Thrive Women’s Ministry
(aka “Spark & Thrive Women”)
(Proverbs 31)

The Thrive Women’s Ministry provides spiritual support, encouragement, empowerment, and mentorship to women of all ages, cultures, socio-economic levels, and spiritual levels.


Through relevant Bible studies, outreach events, fun social events, life-coaching, support groups, educational seminars, and purpose-driven wellness workshops, the Thrive Women’s Ministry is dedicated to help women become “Forever Proverbs 31” princesses and thrive on purpose.

Thrive KIDZ!

(Proverbs 22:6; Matthew 19:14, I Timothy 4:12; Jeremiah 1:5)

Thrive KIDZ is our exciting, wild, and crazy ---but yes--- Christ-centered children’s ministry. Thrive KIDZ is committed to providing safe, fun, relevant, and age-appropriate Bible education to children of all ages, cultures, competencies, and gifting's. Our mission is to nurture, develop, and disciple God’s precious Kingdom kids through childhood into teenhood; ultimately helping them find their purpose and their passion for servant-leading for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

This Children’s Ministry is offered on Sunday mornings as a part of our Thrive Church Bible Academy (TCBA) for children and teens. We encourage all parents and care-givers to assist and participate in our fun and exciting TCBA experience. Our team is committed to ensuring that our children’s environment is extremely safe, competent, clean, and fun.  

Thrive KIDZ!
Girl Gang_edited.jpg

Spark & Thrive
(Titus 2:3-7; Luke 18:16; 1 Timothy 4:12-13)

Spark & Thrive is a sub-ministry of the Thrive Women’s Ministry for female teens and young adult woman. Spark & Thrive is a motivational ministry for encouraging and coaching teens and young adults in the areas of purpose, educational success, career coaching, leadership development, etiquette, cross-cultural and ESL acculturation, and peer support.


By inspiring and motivating young woman to live life on purpose with class, determination, focus, and style, our goal is to ignite the fire within young girls to dream big, strive for greatness, and servant-lead as influencers of excellence within their communities. Ultimately, through compassionate and structured mentorship programs, educational activities, and special events, we will help our young ladies from all cultures to spark and thrive.

Discover More
Spark & Thrive

Thrive Life Groups

(Acts 2:46-47)

As the Corporate Body of Christ, we thrive better together, when we are compassionately connected and committed to relationship, fellowship, membership, discipleship, friendship, and servant-leadership. Kingdom excellence requires authentic Kingdom connection. The Thrive Life Groups Ministry was created to support individuals, strengthen families, build communities, and expand God’s Kingdom through our “A-C-P Model”:  


When we are Kingdom-connected, we can overcome trials, cope effectively, defeat the enemy, and ultimately Thrive; celebrating our Championships collectively as one team, via one spirit, serving one Lord (in our navigating “ships”, or boats together). When there is healthy love, connection, and protection within Christian small groups, navigating through life together becomes life-changing and fun. Thive. Life Groups help us to thrive together.

Fall fest 3 men huddle.jpeg
Thrive Life Groups
Thrive Dream Team

Thrive Dream Team
(Mathew 20:28)

Our Thrive Dream Team is our dedicated, compassionate family of volunteer servant-leaders called to support Thrive Church, its mission, vision, and values, as well as, our global Kingdom agenda. All official Thrive Church members are eligible to serve on the Dream Team and potentially servant-lead in one of our ministries and/or outreach programs (locally and/or internationally). Thrive Dream Teamers will have the opportunity to serve in the following ministry areas: special events, hospitality, guest services, community outreach, adopt-a-school programs, global missions, and church/ministry operations. 

Thrive Bible Institute

(2 Timothy 2:15)

Thrive Bible Institute (TBI) provides Bible-based, dynamic, contemporary Christian Education, Discipleship, and Leadership Training for Thrive Church members “on the grow” and to emerging and existing servant-leaders who want to: 

  1. Further explore the fundamentals of our Christian faith 

  2. Deepen their spiritual relationship with God 

  3. Study various topics related to church history, Biblical exegesis, and the Christian faith within culturally relevant contexts 

  4. Pursue purpose-driven ministry training and leadership development opportunities  

Thrive Church and the TBI are affiliated with the Association of Related Churches (ARC) and The Urban Alternative (TUA), and Dr. Tony Evans’ Kingdom Agenda Pastors (KAP) network. Besides our own Christian education training materials, Thrive Church will utilize at times various curricula, course material, and programs from our highly respected ministry partners to best meet the needs of our church community.   

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Thrive Bible Institute
Thrive Global Missions

Thrive Global Missions
(Mathew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8)

Thrive Global Missions provides outreach support to various local and international ministries and humanitarian organizations that are aligned with our core values, mission, and vision.  Besides partnering with established, well-respected outreach organizations, Thrive Global Missions will continue to develop and manage various projects that seek to enable holistic, faith-based community development in the following areas: education, youth development, homelessness, cultural awareness and reconciliation, financial literacy, health and medical projects, anti-sex trafficking intervention, and evangelism.  

Thrive Global Missions exists to help all communities thrive. 

Partners: Compassion International; Jewish Voice; Christians United For Israel (CUFI); International Fellowship of Christians & Jews; Life International; Mercy Ships; Orphan’s Promise; Christ For All Nations.


Thrive Urban Impact

(John 1:43-48; Romans 12:10)

The mission of Thrive Urban Impact is to support, invest in, advocate for, partner with, and learn from our diverse urban communities and citizens from all cultures, ethnicities, ages, education and socio-economic levels, and worldviews. 


While maintaining our uncompromised Christo-centric, Biblical worldview, this ministry seeks to help all persons within our urban centers thrive through strategic partnerships, advocacy, volunteerism, community development, special needs programs, “mentourship” programs, prison ministry, and conflict mediation initiatives. Thrive Church is a ministry partner of The Urban Alternative (TUA) and the Kingdom Agenda Pastors network.

Thrive Urban Impact

Thrive Wellness Initiative
(3 John 1:2)

The Thrive Wellness Initiative is a holistic personal development ministry that provides life-coaching and counseling services to persons who need support in the eight SAMHSA Wellness Model dimensions: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, social, environment, occupational, financial. As a partner of The Wellness Center USA, LLC, persons will receive professional counseling and clinical therapy and/or short-term, brief solutions life coaching in the form of individual, group, family and marriage support services, as well as, relevant, psycho-educational seminars and workshops.  The ultimate mission is to help persons work through their mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges so that they can better understand their circumstances, cope, heal, and thrive.   

Thrive Wellness Initiative

Thrive Español

(Acts 2:4-11)

Thrive Español celebrates Latin culture and provides support services and partnership opportunities for the growing Hispanic community.


Through various social programs, outreach events, wellness initiatives, educational programs, and strategic partnerships, Thrive.Español will continue to invest in, mentor, partner with, advocate for, and encourage Hispanic families, youth, communities, and ministries and churches looking to maximize their potential and thrive. 

Thrive Espanol

Thrive Leadership Institute
(1 Peter 2:9; Nehemiah 2:20; Luke 19:12-24)

The Thrive Leadership Institute (TLI) exists to support, encourage, counsel, and coach emerging and existing servant-leaders (faith-based and in the marketplace) through various personal and professional leadership assessments, profiles, inventories, trainings, special events, and small group roundtables.


TLI will also impact the community of emerging and existing leaders and entrepreneurs through ongoing strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts with local, regional, and national associations, consortia, and business networks.    

Thrive Jerusalem!

(Genesis 12:3; Isaiah 37:32, 46:13; Rev.21:2)

Thrive Jerusalem exists to support, defend, bless, and celebrate Israel and our Judeo-Christian Biblical roots, its Hebrew culture and the Jewish Feasts, and our Jewish community members at large (globally). We believe that God is faithful and just, and that “He will bless those who bless Israel” (Genesis 12:3). Additionally, because our Lord and Savior Yeshua is Jewish and will rule and reign from Jerusalem upon His return from Heavenly Zion, we believe that we cannot nor should not separate our devout Christian ethic from the parent-faith of Judaism and the Holy Nation of Israel. Thrive Jerusalem also provides ongoing Bible studies, seminars, Wordshops, and special events for persons looking to grow spiritually and increase their understanding of the significant Jewish/Hebrew connection, culture, and relevance to the contemporary Christian Church: Jew and Gentile, as one new man.


Thrive Live!
(Mark 13:10; Matthew 24:14)

Thrive Live is our ministry worship, production, and creative arts ministry. The core focus of the Thrive Live Ministry department will be to enhance the excellence and effectiveness of our ministry services and programs through all essential and relevant communications channels, and to all persons connected to Thrive Church (members, guests, partners, in-person, online, international, etc.). This ministry will oversee the operations in the following key arts and communications sectors of our church:


  1. Worship Arts

  2. Creative Arts

  3. Video/Audio Production

  4. Thrive Church Online

  5. Thrive Web & Social Media

  6. Thrive Special Events

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